For the past two years I have made  ‘sugar scrub’ as gifts to friends and family.  3 years ago someone gave me a container of the homemade body scrub, and it was found to be quite enjoyable.  Here are some photos from the process.

Plain jars were purchased from Hobby Lobby and then appliquéd.  Recipes researched.


When I first made the scrub I was meticulous with my recipe- & made all sorts of samples to deliberate over which one was best.  This past year I was not so particular and I went by colour, smell, and consistency.  I bought oils at a good price from a Canadian company called New Directions Aromatics.

Here are my jars, waiting to be filled.


The ingredients chosen were:

Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Essence of Vanilla, Tamanu Oil from Madagascar, Sugar, Vitamin E oil, and Buttercream Icing Fragrant Oil. 

A few jars

It smelled like a sugar cookie in my galley kitchen.


more jars

Here they are, awaiting labels.

almost finished

The quote on the labels reads: “There is nothing half so sweet in life as love’s young dream.” – Thomas Moore


And the best part is, *I still have leftovers!*

Here are some clever ideas for budget friendly gifts from Katy Elliott.



One thought on “Leftovers…

  1. Arae, this is perfect. Love the header. How’d you do that? Hey, I’m still waiting for jar of sugary goodness. This scrub is the best. Makes me crave frosted sugar cookies, though! Luv u

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