Submission # 2 in Class.


Two Dead Languages Later.


Five smudges sitting on your glasses

3 of which you’re unaware

One attained when feeling self conscious

Another when you fixed your hair

And now at you, I say and I glare:

Did you go to Seminary to become a salesman?

A soothsayer?

An auctioneer?

With your three points and counterpoints

An additional four years of schooling, and two dead languages later-

Content lacking applications

To questions no one is asking,

watered down nothingness.

Do you not remember the day the tables were thrown over?

Thrown away

By the one you want to follow…

Life is not what it claims to be





An interesting conversation followed among classmates…


3 thoughts on “Submission # 2 in Class.

  1. This was so brilliant. And the most unfortunate part was that I didn’t get a copy. I looked off of Emily’s.
    It was after reading your piece that Emily asked me if I was a Christian too. Then we discovered all three of us (girl with the blonde air, Sarah) are, and only assumed you were too.
    Isn’t GOD GOOD?! He orchestrated it all to His glory!
    And this was such a beautiful piece! I think the reference to the temple and Jesus flipping the tables over needs to stay. Even though Roma-Deeley thought otherwise, I think it’s not only necessary, but beautiful.
    Could I post this in a note sometime and credit you? I’d love to share it.

  2. I would be honored if you did whatever you want with it 😉
    It’s awesome that you and the other ladies “happen” to be in this class with me!
    I loved Sarah’s piece last week… It reminded me of the “perks of being a wallflower” crowd all grown up. See you soon…

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