The Desert…

The Walk Down


Last week two dear friends helped me lug some of my artwork to a reserve by their home and then we had a photo shoot as the sun was setting.  The setting sun caused us to go higher and higher on this little mountain in chase of light.  It was a wonderful afternoon and an evening that ended with new friends, music, no-bake cookies (which really just means fudge!), and deep conversation.  It was invigorating.  Unfortunately, I do not have a flickr “pro” account, so pictures will be slow in coming but some can be viewed now by clicking on a side widget of this blog. There is so much beauty in things seen as only ordinary & I want these things to be a part of my portfolio and life.

That is Jessica in the check shirt, and I am in cream…



One thought on “The Desert…

  1. Alyssa, you are a gift from our Creator. And He’s created you to be so incredibly creative, to see things in your mind’s eye like no one else can. Yet all things that emerge from your skilled, careful hands point to the Creator. Thank you for having the courage to share your art with the world. Thank you for loving God more than you love the art. Thank you for sharing just a fraction of this love with me. Your deep well seems to know no limits although I know it is tested daily. May God bless you so much (imana iguhe umigisha chan).

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