Avatars & Poetry…

This is me:                                                  This is my friend Lara:

 alyssaraebrookshotmail_com_5d480c24 alyssaraebrookshotmailcom_3482d77f

Say hello.

Ok, maybe not so much, Lara is much prettier than this- and more blonde.  And I only wish I looked like my avatar.  (All this to say, a fun way to kill some time is to make one of these for you or someone you know by following this link.)

Lara and I had been tossing around the idea of having a poetry gathering one of these days, her idea originally and I was instantly on board. Life got busy, and busier, and I was feeling pretty swamped before final papers had to be written and hadn’t given much more thought to the poetry thing.  Unfortunately, I was not able to help her make invitations for the event, and didn’t consider where or when it might be; forgive me for being a bum.  Lara called a few days ago to let me know that we are meeting this saturday. At my house. I need to clean, freshen up on my poets (currently reading Laux). I will pull out the dusty Rumi, Dickinson, and Browning for a classic and delightful time. How could anything bad come from talking about words, specifically theirs?  Thanks Lara for organizing this! Looking forward to the discussions and happenings of this poetry gathering. 

 Lara has never seen her avatar, I forgot I had made it….

 Here is one of my favorite modern-day poets. He lives it.

p.s. -if you are in town and want to hang out and talk about words, consider yourself invited. I can e-mail you directions and info…-



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