Yoga & Monday Cleaning.

Yoga in the a.m., followed by Spanish ’til ten. 

Joshua is occupied at PS and I get to recover from the weekend. As does our house.  Baseboards and vacuuming are my personal favorites,  but today consisted of loads and loads of laundry. Thankfully my mom and I got to spend some time together and she helped me fold some loads, after a quick trip to f&e.  So I was stoked to find this post at Design sponge after she left.  “I want that.”////


These first two cleaning product containers are made from old Coke bottles.



The above bottle used to contain Dr. Pepper. (yum!)

They are made by a company called New Soap Old Bottle. And they are re-purposing and re-using some neat stuff.  I have to buy cleaning products no matter what, and I think I am going to order through this site next.  NSOB obtains and cleans the bottles and sends them out with the cleaning liquids inside.  How creative is that.



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