Line Drawings

Stephanie Levy was featured on DesignSponge* yesterday, and I kept returning to the post about her work.  She is an American artist who resides in Munich and who creates these layered mixed media pieces featuring line drawings of interior spaces. In a way, they seem to chronicle her travels throughout Europe.

I am in my first drawing and rendering class this semester.  And we are learning the rules and stringent guidelines for drawing accurately in 1 point perspective, a method developed during the renaissance.  My teacher has such patience with us as we construct furniture from cube shaped wire-frames onto our grids (more on that later…)—– It is refreshing for me to see an interior drawing with such a sense of the artists aesthetic and perspective.  The only dilemma I have over Levy’s work is which piece to save up for…

Another creative source that I follow and draw inspiration from is Brooke Giannetti and her beautiful and free-flowing interior sketches.  These drawings are of spaces she and her husband are designing and she documents their progress through her blog.  I need to upload some of my first attempts at interior line drawings.  But I will leave you today with this one from the Velvet and Linen blog.


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