right brain. left brain.

Tuesdays/Thursdays I have class.  My first class is from 8:30-11:00 and it consists of this:

So many lines. So much symmetry.

This semester marks my first CAD (Computer Aided Drawing) class and perhaps some kind of ‘in’ with the engineers in my family…

After CAD I go down the hall to Drawing and Rendering.  We are learning how to draw interior spaces in 1 Point and now 2 Point perspective- ooh aah.

This involves a lot of overlays onto our grids, one of the space, one of the architectural elements, two expressing different window treatments, and two separate floor-plans.

My desk looks like this sometimes:

 and this:



Drawing starts at 11:15 and ends at 2:10. 

Somewhere in there I get hungry. 

… So I have been bringing in these:


Animal Crackers have been getting me through my school day. 

 Joshua laughed at me at first, but they tied off the hunger just enough and because of their blandness, it has been taking me a while to get through this container(side note- this container only cost me a dollar!).

But, in yesterdays drawing class, I was down to just one.

And then this happened:

So I ate it too.


One thought on “right brain. left brain.

  1. Animal crackers are making me hungry… but I’ll try them with frosting… Also, looking at photo, maybe my room could use a pet… I like the one in the photo… but what is it? dog? cat? sloth? pig? Hmm… Never mind, I’ll probably get tired of eating animal crackers & eat my new pet.

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