Schools Out & Lists…

I didn’t think this would be a productive day… It didn’t feel like one as the time passed.

So I decided to make a list off all that I did…

  • Got a muffin in the morning with this dearie– she is a smartie (yay!)
  • Did a little shopping, some things I needed ($1 dish scrubber), other things not so much…
  • Tried not to waste time at – the auction site– that somehow manages to maintain the stores identity and integrity even though it is a mere digital representation (didn’t know a website could feel dusty//) Managed to narrowly avoid the $5.99 broken glasses lot- though it was calling my name
  • Scrubbed the oven with the new dish scrubber from when a scrumptious, bubbly pie of the blueberry order overflowed into my clean oven while baking
  • Pondered how cute my mama is for attempting to win the Mother-in-law of the year award for baking said pie
  • I fed myself. and used my favorite chopsticks that were honestly too slippery to pick up my noodles- wooden would have been better, not going to lie
  • Tweeted
  • Stomped around in my wooden clog sandals!
  • Did some filing er. laundry for Joshua… V-necks LG, V-necks M, Crew LG, Crew M, FIFO
  • Had some text interaction with my brother
  • Changed my mouse pointer back to a banana
  • Looked at design blogs mostly this one
  • Looked up topographic maps and analyzed far off places and flood plains flexing my newly acquired landform processes skills (GPH 211)
  • Wrapped a gift
  • Made a list of what I did
  • And finally tried to decide, after years of keeping this beauty in the closet, what color I should paint the frame and where I should proudly display it in my home. Suggestions??


2 thoughts on “Schools Out & Lists…

  1. Arae, this is such a hilarious post – I laughed out loud and I think I’ll tweet the link too!

    Just to let all you pie fans know, I’m attempting a buttermilk pie at this very moment. Starring: 2 kinds of sugar, 1/2 cup butter (+1/3 cup butter in crust), 4 eggs. Supporting cast: vanilla, buttermilk, desperation. (I want that award).

  2. BUTTERMILK PIE IS SO YUMMY!!!! you would think a custard pie hater like me would not be as excited as I am… When should I come over 🙂

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