Homemade Caramel…

Went to Berryman house after work.

Needed to make Caramel Sauce to go on Buttermilk Pie.

I wish I had a gas stove…

Homemade caramel only uses three ingredients: Sugar, Water, and Cream.


Just bring the sugar water to a boil and let it hang out until it becomes a

“deep amber” color. There is also some pan-swishing involved.

Cream. Then Cool.

Add a home baked buttermilk pie!


2 thoughts on “Homemade Caramel…

  1. Yum – it looks even better from your camera’s point of view – great pictures, makes me want to stick my finger in the sauce repeatedly…I think I’ll go do that now. Also, the crack in the plaster looks so, so, well, ghetro – my word – like it?

    • I think we need to try a chess pie next… So southern and yummy looking. Ghetro is a great word. So funny.

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