Wanted: Random China…

After I was married, I was introduced to a number of wedding blogs my favorite of which is OnceWed (they have a page where you can buy used wedding gowns from other readers- so tempting! Joshua is strangely against me buying one//).

Exhibit A:

Wouldn’t this look lovely… I need  some some seed money and a platform to style a wedding….

or permission to wear used wedding gowns (not happening//)

I read this post a couple of days ago and two of the images stuck with me, largely due to the creative genius of Ashley Meaders (i want to be her).  All I need is

  • a reason to throw a party
  • a backyard that is significantly larger and not landscaped with rocks (thank you Phoenix)
  • nice weather couldn’t hurt

So I was looking online again for some used China.




My go-to list was quickly exhausted.

Everywhere I turned I was met with sets that resemble this:

Does this look like what I was going for????

Where can I find a set of quirkily (made up word), exquisitely mismatched plates?

When and where shall I throw this hypothetical party? So many questions.

Need to hit up the Savers 🙂


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