“I love my mother because…”

(Above is a line taken from the famous poem by Marina B’s daughter in 1994- she even looks good without glasses!)

((Funny how this year we have been attempting to replace the glasses she has which were purchased shortly thereafter in ’98// Good times.))

So, we got together a few days early this year to celebrate her birthday- it took the whole day. I named the day “The End of Ombre.”.

My mom’s hair lately (and by lately I mean for the better part of this year) has looked, well, Ombre.

She was Ombre before mainstream even knew what that was. *If you would like a clear explanation of “Ombre” please look here.*

It finally got to the point where she was through with beautiful Ombre and an appointment was made at moodswings for the reckoning.

Her hair went to the middle of her back. She told the gal that shoulder length would be a suitable new length for her curly locks.

I was thinking that 6-7 inches would come off- Imagine our surprise when it looked as though only 4-5 inches were gone… I knew Dan (dad) would be happy, he profusely kissed her head when we left that morning. But I thought that shoulder length would look nice- o well.

All in all the haircut was a success and the era of Ombre officially over.

After the morning of shopping & the salon we spent the rest of our afternoon in our favorite local haunt, a coffee shop, Sola.

I read a book.

Mama did BS… –> Bible Study.

The day went on.

We picked up Kento (her foreign exchange student from Japan)

Grabbed a quick bit of Chinese food.

By nightfall her hair had rolled up (maybe because it was lighter?) to rest on her shoulders. Interesting.

I went to BS with her, and called it a night.

It was a lovely day. I have the most fun, loving, generous, intelligent, interesting, beautiful mom.

Here are photos from The End of Ombre.

I only have an ‘after’… Pretty Lady hair, so smooth!


One Italian Soda- Cherry. One Mocha.

Sola’s Latte art is quite good- mine was covered by the whipped cream.

Mom taking a zipp.

“Please mum, can’t I get s’more?”

Round 2.

How fantastic is her micron??

Started reading her copy of bittersweet by S. Niequist. Need to finish.


Locks of love for Daniel. (He wanted us to save him some…)

My beautiful Mother.

Let’s have many many more days like these.

I love you a million, medium, well-done, buffalo wings.

(Joshua loves you one million, freshly baked boysenberry pies).

*Latest update puts her hair hovering somewhere in the space above her shoulders…


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