Last Chance.

Step One:

Click play on this video. Listen.

Step Two:

Continue to scroll through this post as I regale you with a tale of torture imposed upon my mother, by, well, me. (this follows the lovey-dovey birthday post//)…

-seriously beautiful girls choir-

So we went to Last Chance yesterday… I meant to take pictures (oops)… When we arrived at ten ’til there was a group of people mobbing around the front door. You enter last chance by going down stairs/escalator to a small space where they put out bits of their product out on tables to keep the crowd at bay before opening. We waited calmly upstairs. At ten we watched everyone rush through the doors, while we, calmly, walked downstairs. My poor mama hates shopping at normal stores… Once inside women already had carts full of merchandise- people were in sports bras and shorts, trying things on in front of central mirrors. It was pure chaos. All in all we managed to find 3 items each. Two tops and sandals for her, 1 pair of boots 1 dress and 1 pair of pants that need some serious work (more on those later)… You need to go to that place with a partner and you need to go at opening// 10 minutes after opening the floor was pretty destroyed.

I cannot figure out if there was anything wrong with the dress that I got…

Doesn’t appear so, & it will be my work outfit today!

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2 thoughts on “Last Chance.

  1. First of all, the girls choir is amazing – where did you find this video?

    And yes, if regular shopping is torture, Last Chance is death by 1000 fire ants. But, I am extremely happy with my new sandals and two shirts. I’m going to have to slowly increase my tolerance for shopping because no matter what, it is always a pleasure to hang out with you.

    I love the slide show – is that a wordpress widget? That dress/shirt is the cutest thing ever. So Sabrina on you.

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