Farmer’s Market. Hooray!

I have been wanting to go to the local Farmer’s Market for some time now…

It’s not too far, and it happens every Saturday. Joshua opted out early this morning as did my mother, so I was left to conquer it alone

(Just me and the excessive heat warning that is in effect until Monday//)

I put on my bright red, linen, stretchy waist, happy pants- no really, I did. (see below) and went on my merry way.

Here is the article where I read about it online– although I had noticed the crowds when driving by the park.

The Arizona raw organic honey perked my interest, and my love in general for summer fruit.  Someone was saying the other day that eating locally grown honey will reduce your allergies since you are ingesting and somehow building up an immunity to the different pollens etc. – Sounds reasonable to me.

So at 9 am I drove myself there with my canvas bag (next time I will bring a hat)… And took in all that the market has to offer.

There were maybe 30 booths in all, 5 or so vendors selling certified organic fruits and vegetables, 3 caterers with samples- Greek and Mexican I think- A lady selling some soap, a jewelry lady, someone selling herb mixtures to add to olive oil, etc. etc. – you get the picture. They have managed to set it up so that you can pay with a credit card if you are short on cash (I always am) and they even accept food stamps, which is wonderful.

Inside of my bag at the end of an hour was a loaf of cinnamon pecan bread, raw honey, a box of organic strawberries, and 12 Hatch Green Chiles (More on those later).

Mmmm… Big red ripe strawberries…

The guy at the booth said that this was the freshest honey, about two weeks old, and that ‘cat’s claw’ was the primary flower in the region where the bees  were pollinating… These vines grow all along the fence in our backyard. The women who tried a sample of this variety before me said it was “Too sweet…”, so I said, “I’ll take it!” (If you knew my husband you would more than understand, and had he been with me this woman’s comment would have dumbfounded him… too sweet!?!)

Here is the loot… we promptly ate the cinnamon pecan bread for breakfast, yum.

It was a lovely way to spend the morning. I like being outside and it was interesting to be with people from my community and farmers that grow local produce.  When I was walking along I saw the girl that works at the chippie (fish & chips place) behind our neighborhood walking her dog, there were little kids with their moms, people in sunglasses and hats walking booth to booth buying things that are wholesome and good for the body.  Relationships within a community are important to foster and today I felt like I was a little bit closer to being involved or belonging to a group of my neighbors in this vast city I live in.


One thought on “Farmer’s Market. Hooray!

  1. This is a lovely post – wish I could have been there with you and the excessive heat warning. The EHW and I were trying to stay cool at home, unlike yesterday when we went on an hour-long walk together.

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