Torturing Joshua [IKEA]

Ikea is always farther away than I think, and alas, I was navigating- but today we conquered it…

Does this look like the face of someone being tortured?

Maybe just a lil’…

p.s. Who hung these lamps?!?///

We walked out of the place with one new blue office chair. Price was good- and it was easy to assemble (so many mixed feelings about Ikea- more on that another day).

It looks something like this:

(okay-The blue one)

It was a nice way to spend one of the last days of summer with my love…

Now I am off to eat a giant fruit salad {cottage cheese, granola, coconut, and raw honey on top please.}

I leave you with this quote via M. Proust:

(& from where I am sitting- it’s worth it!)


One thought on “Torturing Joshua [IKEA]

  1. Wow, that’s deep!
    Cool chair.
    I just about had to go to bed for the rest of the day when I saw the word Ikea.
    Poor Joshua.
    I will bake him a buttermilk pie when I get home.
    Or an apple turnover. Or a dozen.

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