“You have to eat an elephant in small bites…”

Or so it says on the board in my AutoCad class.

That’s right, classes started today.

This will be my third semester in the Interior Design program, one more to go after this!

Besides AutoCad II, I am taking Fabrics for Interiors, History of Decorative arts, & Spanish 201. —> which one does not belong?

In AutoCad we are learning the 2010 version and I am looking forward to drawing things like this: (elevations!)

In fabrics I want some of this:

(I heart Amy Butler, so American and fresh!)

In history I expect to learn more about Elsie De Wolfe, considered one of the first Interior Designers:

Lastly in Spanish, I imagine my time will be spent daydreaming about travel, mostly to here.

… here goes nothing.


One thought on ““You have to eat an elephant in small bites…”

  1. Can I go to Spain with you?

    I love the hanging lights in these photos.

    The white plaster walls are so beautiful. And the windows let in so much natural light.

    Seems like it would be powerfully relaxing to stay in a place like this.

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