I want to go to there…

Found another blog today- I love it already!

Due today was a crazy amount of homework for my fabrics class- pictures identifying different upholstery/trim/drapery types. (One of the pictures I used was from the aforementioned blog)

During my scouring of the interweb, there were a few photos that took my breath away.

taken from desiretoinspire.net

taken from desiretoinspire.net

taken from abundanceof.tumblr.com

To Do List:

  • Have a house worth taking pictures of & post them on this blog.
  • Find an old altar (Catholic preferably) and buy immediately.
  • Find an old catalogue card holder, buy immediately.
  • Mourn the Dewey Decimal System.
  • & more homework.

The End.


One thought on “I want to go to there…

  1. My house is worth taking photos of but only for comedic postings (with the exception of my spectacularly perfect bedroom that you re-did so sneakily).

    I will keep an eye out for an old card catalogue cabinet. Probably not too many of those around.

    Where will you put the altar?

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