Josh [& his mild obsession]

When we were first married someone gifted us a digital camera. There are countless albums on Joshua’s computer of terribly boring pictures that we took of each other doing absolutely nothing, hundreds of them. How sweet we were. The other day Josh picked up the camera to take my picture and I was reminded of that first year together in our tiny apartment. When he turned the screen towards me to show me his snapshot, this is what I saw:

He loves watches. He bought me my watch, & he loves it. One of his mild preoccupations.

I like it too.


2 thoughts on “Josh [& his mild obsession]

  1. I love you and your watch and your mildly obsessive, quirky husband.

    Where are you in this picture? Is this your new drafting table & chair? Or are you at a coffee shop or restaurant? Enquiring minds want to know…

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