missing [NY]

What to do when your spouse (Joshua) is away on a wonderful trip to New York- without you….

Here is what I did:

  • Took a nap. In the middle of the bed. With all three pillows. (we have three pillows, I get one Josh takes the other two, and I often wake up with one less than what I started with…)
  • Ate salad. Two of them. In one day!
  • Wore my thrifted ‘brownie’ perfume, lots of it. If you were in my presence these past few days that would explain the delicious scent wafting off my body. Joshua doesn’t think his wife should smell like a dessert. Which is shocking considering his intense relationship with desserts…
  • Read lots of Interior Design blogs (but I always am doing that)
  • Did homework (but again, I am always doing this as well)
  • Wore jeans to work! (this had nothing to do with Josh being gone)

So I guess that’s about it.

O yea. I also listened to a lot of Sufjan Stevens. It is not that Joshua is anti Sufjan, he’s not, he is, however, anti ‘Illinoise’, one of his albums. He doesn’t like the horns. i.e.:

p.s. you can pre-order the new Sufjan album in 5 days. sweet.

p.p.s. that youtube had nothing to do with the horns on Illinoise, but it is a catchy cover.


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