Over the Weekend…

Fall is here and we have been enjoying the weather.  The cooler mornings make Joshua’s 2 mile walk to school much more enjoyable.

  • I have started two scarf projects.  There is a cute little knitting shop down the road, and I was quite taken by their selection of wool yarns.  The first scarf will be finished today!
  • Squirrels have noticed the change in weather and have been scurrying around like mad, acorns in mouth, ready to store.  Usually they won’t get close if they are hiding their food, but we have seen a few that are unafraid.
  • The Law School has beautiful stone walls on both the interior and exterior, painting on them in red seems sacrilege  and I am not sure what the shelter is for/from…
  • Our childbirth classes are in full swing- the instructor has just opened a business downtown, and we have been meeting in her shop.  She re-purposes old furniture and has a good selection of mid-century modern.  There is also a storm-trooper in her front window; so good.
  • Joshua took me to the student lounge at school and the ceiling details were my favorite.
  • Collegetown is a short walk from school, and we are forever taking stuff down there to be shipped.
  • Our thrifting paid off and we found some winter-y items… but more on that later.

The weekend was interesting and fun; but busy.  The 30th annual Harvest Apple Festival was underway and we missed it, there were rumors of the Amish selling baked goods all weekend so it was a great loss to not have partaken.


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