The changes in my body this past week have been marked. Someone had a growth spurt, and has moved down; allowing me some space to breathe.  Joshua keeps commenting that every time he sees me, I’ve grown.

The sharp kicks have turned to movements that are distinguishable by body part and are not always felt without some attention paid.  When I lay to one side with my hand touching the side of my stomach, I can feel little movements that are going on beneath the skin without any fanfare.

Three more visits to the midwives have been scheduled.  His head is facing down, his back is situated on my left side.

There have been a lot of walks this week, lots of chocolate milk, and time spent thinking about surrender.  We have done our research, made plans, and feel informed about the choices ahead- but I am also trying to prepare for what is unknown and out of my control.

In three months a lot of growth has happened.


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