We have been packing, traveling, and sorting through things. I will have more images to share next week.

But for now, I have started a project to get some pictures printed and one-day-displayed. I am happy with a 4×6 grid. Here are some layout options I have been working through.  The first ‘varies the feast’ by distributing colors and composition throughout, second one is more gradient & starts from muted colors at the top working down to vibrant colors, final option starts with bright colors and ends with the black and white photos.




{The pictures were printed using an app called ‘impressed’; they are matte squares with a white border.}

This post inspired the project visually.

Getting family photos printed as a way to boost your child’s self esteem and re-tell their family history was something I read about which cited a study from Tulane University; this is the intent of the project. We have lived in the Northeast for almost 5 years, far from our families, and I want a way to celebrate the good memories we have made here and the kindness of community we experienced and shared.


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