12 [twelve]


Monday marked 4 weeks, yesterday 1 month.  The time has gone by so quickly.  I don’t feel like I am looking at a newborn anymore, but a baby.  Such a sweet boy.

IMG_20121208_163117 IMG_20121205_163147 IMG_20121206_211230 IMG_20121209_215957


On Sunday we went to church with him for the first time- he loved it.  The choir sang beautiful Christmas carols and the text was from Isaiah.  It did make him a little bit tired afterwards though…




Peeks [week 3]

I was unable to take a 3 week photo of DF due to a number of circumstances- the inability of his onesie to stay clean, the lighting being wrong in the living room etc.  But here are some peeks from the past three weeks.  IMG_20121117_143900 101_2068 IMG_20121118_115651 IMG_20121118_214722 IMG_20121122_085722

He has had some wonderful visits with Arizona grandparents in his first three weeks.  He has been able to find his thumb/hand to make his tummy feel better when it is hurting.  And he has been growing so much.  We just love him.





There are so many things that I have to be grateful for.

This past Thanksgiving we celebrated on a Saturday when my dad came to town.  Thursday brought Chinese food to our table.  My mom had been with us for the past month and her help was invaluable and deeply cherished.  With my tiny kitchen and stove (of which only one burner is working) she prepared the most delicious Thanksgiving meal- enough to feed 20 people.  And we got to celebrate new life, and the things that we have which we don’t deserve and are very thankful for.  It was a special day.


Weeks [1&2]


 When a woman is giving birth, she has sorrow because her hour has come, but when she has delivered the baby, she no longer remembers the anguish, for joy that a human being has been born into the world. –John 16:21

Time has been flying by.  This little one is already a bit over two weeks old.  I have adjusted my schedule from one that consisted of night time and day- to one that is 24 hours long.  He has been teaching us what he needs, and we have been trying to make his life comfortable and happy as we grow together.  From the day he was born he has seemed to know Joshua’s voice, and we are so very grateful to be his family.

Week 1

Dear David Francis,

This week your dad, grandma, and I were amazed at how incredibly sweet and alert you are.  We brought you home on a Wednesday, and it took me a while to realize that maybe you were so comfortable in our little home because you had lived here inside of me for a few months; it’s creaks and smells were already familiar. You like to break free from your swaddle- no matter how clever we get with it and you like to let us hold you and comfort you.

We love you,


Week 2

Dear David Francis,

You are doing such a good job growing big and tall.  This week you let us swaddle you more and you learned some new tricks. You like having your hands free and are good at leaving a trail of mittens (sock-puppets) in your wake.  Your nickname this past week was Bop as you let us know what you are needing by bopping around.  Grandpa came to town, he was missing Grandma, and we celebrated your first Thanksgiving together.  We are all smitten.



La Luna


My dad’s prediction for the baby’s arrival has come and gone.  He pulled up the lunar calendar to try and determine when the tide would effect my labor; the next guess that he has is for the 13th (Dr. says 12th), so we shall soon see.

My mom flies in tomorrow, and we are expecting light snow overnight.  It will probably melt before she gets here.

I had my second to last midwife appointment yesterday, the baby is still facing the right way, and she guessed his weight to be between 7 & 7 1/2 lbs.  She showed me how to find his head, back, and legs.

The days which had been flying by, are seeming to go a little bit more slowly now.  But I am happy to wait for this new arrival to make his entrance when he is ready.

Here are some pictures of the nursery that show the room as a whole.

Around 10 more days and there will be a little one sharing our space.