Kid Art


Paper, tissue paper, Mod Podge, and a paintbrush. We worked on tearing paper and applying the glue. The colors changed when tissue was layered. On rainy days, you make your own fun. Four year old version of this?


Can one take a 5 year hiatus and still call it such?

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12 [twelve]


Monday marked 4 weeks, yesterday 1 month.  The time has gone by so quickly.  I don’t feel like I am looking at a newborn anymore, but a baby.  Such a sweet boy.

IMG_20121208_163117 IMG_20121205_163147 IMG_20121206_211230 IMG_20121209_215957


On Sunday we went to church with him for the first time- he loved it.  The choir sang beautiful Christmas carols and the text was from Isaiah.  It did make him a little bit tired afterwards though…